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Flaminia 26 Rome

Possibility of short or long stays

You can decide to spend your roman holiday at the Flaminia 26 apartment for the period you want. In fact, regardless of the month of the year, you can decide to stay for a period of a few days or for whole months at this apartment. In fact, comfort and ease (cosiness) will not be lacking even in the longer periods, both inside the house and outside, given the proximity to the nerve center of the capital and the proximity of bus or metro stops within walking distance.

If short stays are for tourism purposes only, longer stays, generally for business purposes, require an even more punctual and efficient service as far as possible. All while keeping prices below the average offered by competing companies in the roman city.


Free Wifi

Finally, a further very important and not negligible detail nowadays is related to the possibility of connecting via a password to a wi-fi internet line. The password will be indicated upon entry into the home in rome holiday home and can be used in an unlimited way at very high speed.

The password of the wi fi network is periodically modified, in order to avoid unwanted access and to guarantee the maximum speed of internet browsing to the customer. The internet can be kept in operation twenty-four hours a day, without it being subject to speed variations.


Change of sheets and towels

If the customer requests it, it is possible to provide a change of sheets and towels daily. The change of these elements is provided in the hours indicated by the customer, so as not to cause any disturbance to the vacationers present within the Flaminia 26 apartment.

The sheets are washed, dried and ironed by a specialized company, which sanitizes and sterilizes every bed linen or linen in general. In this way the customer will have the security of owning sheets and towels always fresh, clean and fragrant.

Conditioned Air

The flaminia 26 holiday home is equipped with every comfort, starting with the air conditioning, which allows you to spend even the hottest nights of the roman summer in complete serenity and freshness. The air conditioning is present in every room of the apartment and, for this reason, you will be able to acclimatize the entire room in an easy and fast way at the temperature you want.

The air conditioning can also be set at a certain temperature and once the appliance reaches it, even if nobody is present inside the holiday home, the same will automatically shut off, and then automatically reactivate, in the case in which the temperature changes.


Independent heating system

Just as air conditioning is necessary in summer, heating is essential during the winter months you decide to spend in Rome. The flaminia 26 apartment, in fact, is equipped with a completely independent heating system, which will allow you to find the right climate, warm and welcoming, on the return from the promenade between the cultural and historical sites of the eternal city.

Heating is essential inside the apartment and can be adjusted to the temperature you choose, having the advantage of being completely independent. The nights and the winter days spent in the Flaminia 26 guest house will not be cold and white, but will be cradled and spent together with the warmth that characterizes the entire city of rome.


Final cleaning of the apartment

The apartment will in fact undergo a rigorous cleaning at the end of each stay, so as to ensure a peaceful stay for the future client. The cleaning of the apartment is entrusted to a company specialized in this area, able to eliminate any detail that the previous customer may have left out.

All equipment in the apartment's kitchen and inside the bathroom is washed and sterilized, so that anyone who decides to spend a period of time inside the home in Rome is assured of the total cleaning of the apartment.

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